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Common Etiquette to be Practiced in the Casino

I am going to tell you a few common etiquette practices that are to be expected in a casino.
Whilst these practices are by no means mandatory, if you wish to be respected in the casino,
you should really abide by them. These practices are not only to be found in real live casinos
but also in online casinos. To be fair, with Global Live Casino there is no big difference
between real live casinos and online casinos because we stream our casino games live direct
from real casinos. Consequently, when you play live blackjack with Global Live Casino,
you are taking part in a real game that is happening in a real casino.

One practice which is not just mere etiquette but is in fact mandatory is what players are
allowed to put in front of them on the table. When a player is sitting at a casino table they
are only permitted to place in front of them certain objects. The only objects that a player
is permitted to place in front of themselves at a casino table are money, drinks, chips, and
cigarettes. Items that are bulky such as bags, wallets, and purses, are not permitted on
the table. Bear this rule in mind when playing in a casino because it is not a mere rule of
etiquette. No my friend, it is in fact a very real rule that you will get yourself into trouble over
if you do not obey!

Some practices are merely etiquette and as a result are not compulsory to obey but it is
common courtesy to obey them. When a player moves their chips it is rude for the player to
toss the chips, they must instead carefully place them. Players must place the chips on the
board instead of tossing them because tossing chips make cause other bets to be displaced or
cause other chips to roll down into the dreaded “chipping machine”. If a player cannot quite
reach far enough to place a bet themselves, they should alert the bet to the dealer. This is not
out of the ordinary, indeed, it is simply called a call bet.

Another important rule to bear in mind whilst playing in a casino is that changing your cash
for chips must be done in between spins. It is not common courtesy to change your cash for

chips whilst a spin is still being conducted. If one calls a bet, it is known that the bet will only
be placed if the dealer has the available time to change and place the bet for the player.